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Click Consulting has been in business for over 25 years, starting hundreds of successful home care, residential care agencies in the process for people just like you.  We haven’t just helped others; we had helped ourselves, by starting many healthcare businesses of our own, now we focus in helping you become the most successful home care agency in home health care in your area, we are not your competition, we are here to help you become the most successful home care agency.


Regardless of what stage you are at with starting or operating your home care business, by working with Click Consulting, you are guaranteeing your success! When you make the choice to work with Click Consulting, we guarantee your home health care business will get licensed in your State, as well as accredited if this is something you are looking to achieve. Whether you want to provide care for patients paying out of pocket, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Managed Care, or the Veterans Administration, Click Consulting is the most reliable home care consultants will make sure your goals are meet. And best of all, Click Consulting practically does the work for you and provides everything your home care business needs for operation – customized and catered to meet the needs of your unique home care business. All you pay us is a small 1-time fee which you can choose to have broken down into even smaller payments, paid overtime. Click consulting is not a franchise; you own your home care business with zero ongoing points, fees, or royalties due to us.

A successful business should have a strong foundation so employees and owners can focus on the services that they provide rather than the problems that arise as a result of poor planning and budgeting. For businesses that are looking to expand their areas of assistance or are in need of help in improving a service, they can benefit from the support of business consultants who can also offer home care consulting in in all the 52 states, with offices in California, Texas, and Tennessee. These professionals are capable of making assessments and conclusions regarding existing or possible issues about the service.

Business Consulting and Coaching will help you with the following:

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