This is a very good question. In California like most states, Medicaid only pays $26 per hour, three hours a day, and most caregivers get paid $18.00 per hour. You will have to make your own judgment. Do you want to have a big overhead or you want to become a concierge home care agency that gets paid cash? Private long care insurance, workers compensation insurance, or VA programs. It is up to you. I have consulted many agencies that struggle working with Medicaid because they are not making the office rent payment.

Does your home care agency need to become accredited once you are licensed? Well, it depends. Your home care license allows you to see patients, but how are you getting paid? If accreditation is preventing you from getting paid or will prevent you from getting paid, this is the only time your home care business will need to achieve accreditation. If you are taking part in State Medicaid Programs or Managed Care Programs, they will most likely require you to be accredited, but this is not always the case, and especially not the case in most states when taking part in Medicaid Waiver Programs.