Business Consulting

Training Certification

Becoming a Home Care Business Consultant, no need experience only a big desire to help others succeed, the health care industry is the most profitable and rewarding career.

10-Day Boot Camp Training

3 Months Coaching

Includes corporate training, care systems, becoming the best teacher, administrator in and best management skills, sales and marketing, care systems, what makes a health care company successful, what works, how to get clients, and referral systems. I will be giving all the ins and outs of training in what it tells.

One thing people don’t know is that health care is not like any other type of career. Health care is unique. Becoming a successful healthcare consultant is more than having healthcare experience. You will be trained in how to be the best business owner, manager, and financial advisor, business management, care management, sales marketing, coaching, legal bounder, financial management, payroll, and business administrator.

The fee is 75,000.00.