We can guide you and your employees in improving your services.

Business Coaching in California, Texas, Tennessee

Business Coaching can help you point out and resolve problems that your corporation may be facing due to issues among your relationship with your staff, their view about their jobs and responsibilities, and their level of job satisfaction. It can even help you and your team develop your leadership and social skills, which are vital to make your clients trust your professionalism.

It is important for businesses to look after their employees. This is why they are required to provide insurance and compensation for their staff. Concierge services are no different. Employees need to feel motivated to perform their responsibilities and have to feel a sense of purpose and belongingness in their jobs. This is why we provide business coaching for business owners and staff to help them lay out their goals in providing other people their assistance. For those who are struggling to connect to their clients, we can help them develop strategies to establish a respectful and open communication with their clients. This does not only make them feel more comfortable with each other, but it also makes way to a better collaborative support environment.


Our Corporate Coaching comprises of 3-months 6-month or 12-month programs that include:

Consulting & Coaching Package #1

$450 Hour

Corporate Consulting & Coaching 6 months package #2

$10,000.00 month-includes group coaching, 15 minutes a day 5 days a week Monday true Friday

Corporate Consulting and Coaching 12 months package #3

$7,000.00 month-15 minute day indvidual coaching
We also offer other coaching packages and services that will adjust to your needs that can last up to 15 minutes for 5 days a week. For more information, please send us a message or reach us through our given contact information.