This is very important. Home Care Policies & Procedures vary – they are not all created equal. Each State, State Program, Accrediting Body, etc. have its own set of standards to adhere to. It is important to distinguish every factor within your home care policies and procedures. You will not get far if your home care policies and procedures are not customized to meet these requirements. Please do not make an unnecessary mistake by purchasing generic home care policies and procedures.

We guarantee your home care policies and procedures will meet all of the requirements necessary to provide home care services in your State, as well as guaranteeing your State Home Care License and Private Duty Accreditation. Should you choose to go that route, (Medicare Accreditation only applies to Home Health Care Agencies), call us for more information. We can help. Our home care policies and procedures are also completely customized for your home care agency and will include all your agency-specific and relevant details. Franchise companies buy our home care policies and procedures manuals because our home care policies and procedures are completely customized and guaranteed.

Our home care policies and procedures are professionally designed, edited, printed, and shipped to you in hard copy and USB in word and PDF format.

Corporate Contracts One of the most important documents you will need is the proper documents. Please note all documents are reviewed by attorneys. Click Consulting has invested over 300 thousand dollars in documentation, to make sure we have you covered. One of the biggest mistakes Home Care Agencies make is purchasing cookie cutter documents, and not having proper contracts can lead you lawsuits and consequently losing your business. You must protect you’re yourself and business, clients, and employees.

The Personnel Manual provides you with home care policies that assure your home care agency will be in compliance with all federal hiring requirements as well as your state’s hiring requirements. All policies, hiring documents, job descriptions, evaluations, and employee handbooks are included. A USB with all documents in MS Word and PDF formats is also included for easy document customization.

The Administrative Manual provides home care policies that will allow you to be in compliance with contract language in any state. All home care policies and forms are included. A USB with all documents in MS Word and PDF formats is also included for you to be able to easily customize your documents and forms.

A complete set of all home care policy and procedure manuals with HCS or ACHC-compliant policies and procedures for your home care or home health care agency are also available. This set of home care policies is designed to meet all the rigorous standards).

Each home care manual comes with policies and associated forms, budget, templates for Board of Director meetings, Start of Care documents, Sales programs and tips, Material Data Sheets for basic, common office products, HR tracking tools, benefit accrual templates. Literally, everything you need for your home care agency.

The Company Book is designed as a specialized tabulation system allowing you to stay organized with all your home care license applications, approvals, and communications. One place for everything!